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Whitney Shower Remodel

Some people find it relaxing to take a shower after a busy day from work or if they want to release some stress in their own way.

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However, if your showers don’t give you that comfort because the showerhead isn’t giving you the pressure you want or the shower is showing its age with fading, cracks, or mildew, it’s time for a shower remodel. With Bath Planet, you can remodel your shower to fit your lifestyle without spending too much.

Our team offers high-quality Whitney shower remodel services for any size or type of bathroom. We can make your shower into a safe, accessible feature or upgrade it with luxury features and finishes. Want to know more? Contact us today!

Call Bath Planet at (702) 829-5598 for your Free Consultation with a Shower Remodel Expert!

Shower Remodeling & Renovation

It is crucial to get your shower remodeled if you are seeing that it isn’t working as well as it should or if there are signs of mold contamination or damage in the rest of your bathroom. If you leave such damage uncorrected, it may even cause serious health problems for everyone who uses it.

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People sometimes postpone their shower remodeling project because they fear it will be time-consuming, expensive, and hard to do. Put those fears to rest with a single call to Bath Planet, your local shower remodel specialists.

We understand how important it is to finish your shower remodel quickly and efficiently so you and your family can get back to living your life as soon as possible.

Our showers are high-quality and budget-friendly and we are proud of our commitment to keeping our clients happy. You will be amazed at the difference a shower remodel will make in your home.

Shower Conversions

Want to change your bathtub into a shower or shower-plus-bath setup? If that’s a yes, our efficient shower conversion service is here for you!

Bath and shower renovation

Busy lifestyles mean people more often prefer showers to baths these days. If you’d rather have a shower than a tub, or if you’d like both, Bath Planet can handle the job quickly and inexpensively.

Our team will assess your current bathroom space and design a new layout to suit your lifestyle and preferences. We make it a point to ask your opinion as we move along with your project to make sure the finished project matches your expectations.

We guarantee that everything will be done quickly and to the highest possible standards so that you can enjoy your new shower right away.

Barrier-Free & Low-Barrier Showers

Our Whitney shower remodel service also considers your family members who may have mobility problems due to injury or advanced age.

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We install barrier-free and low-barrier showers, wide-entrance showers, and shower benches. We also have walk-in tubs if that is a more appealing option for you.

With these new shower and bathtub options, your family members will have an easier time getting into them to bathe without assistance. If they need assistance, we can install a large shower pan to allow room for a caregiver to enter the shower with them.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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When you request a Whitney shower remodel service from us at Bath Planet, you can rest assured that the needs of everyone in your home will be considered with its design and layout. We personalize our service to meet your requirements and match your lifestyle with our free consultation and our on-site visit.

Once we have all the details we need, you can trust us to deliver your dream shower set up. Call us today!

Call Bath Planet at (702) 829-5598 for your Free Consultation with a Shower Remodel Expert!


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